Common Core Lesson Planner Application For iPad and Android

The Common Core Lesson Planner is must have app for teachers who want to utilize their Droid or iPad tablet into their daily use.  

The Common Core Lesson Planner was created by a teacher to help make planning and assessing with the Common Core Standards more efficient and effective.


Resource Recommendation
When using the CCLP, a user is telling the app what standards they are teaching and what content they will be using to teach it. Once inputted the Common Core Lesson Planner suggests content that can be used to supplement your lesson. So if you teach 3rd grade and mentioned Polygons and have included the standards regarding properties of polygons, the CCLP App will be able to deliver the resources you may be looking for.

Online Synchronization
Soon you will be able to login in from any computer to update your lesson planner as well as your tablet. So if you accidentily left you tablet at school on Friday, you can still finish your lesson plans at home or at the coffee shop over the weekend.