About The Common Core Lesson Planner App

The Common Core Lesson Planner App utilizes advances in technology to provide an easy to use functional app for teachers in the classrooms that works with the Common Core State Standards.  The Common Core Lesson Planner App is available on the Droid and Apple marketplaces.

Tablets Now for Teacher Functionality

We can all recognize how influential tablets have become to every industry and in a very short period of time because of how mobile they are and how cheap they have become. We are now at that point in education where tablets are starting to be immersed into the classroom in great numbers.  One of the most obvious uses of the tablet from a teacherís perspective, is to help the students with supplementary material for their studies or applications to help them build specific skills. But as teachers, what we do not see is how we can use it for ourselves.

What we truly need to see is that paper and pencil lesson planners are of the education system from 50 years ago, and now is the time to advance our thinking of how teachers access lesson plans and assess their students on Common Core state standards that are in their lessons.

We have developed a new way for educators:

  •  to plan their days using voice recognition,
  • view what standards they have taught and how often they have taught it throughout the year,
  • be able to quickly score standards
  • all while being mobile in the classroom and overall bringing Education into a new level of functional, accountable teaching practices.

Why the CCLP App is the Best

The difference between our product and others that ours is driven by real functionality needs in the classroom. Developed and utilized by a teaching 3rd grade teacher, we have the advantage seeing what is actually happening in the classroom, and how our product truly meets the needs of current educators.  

Tom Story

When the average "burnout" rate is 3-5 years for young teachers in the inner-city, Tom Story is a teacher whom is not average. He has taught at the same inner city school on the north side of Milwaukee for last 11 years and has no thoughts of giving it up anytime soon. "Mr. Story" is also as "Coach Story" while leading his school's flag football team to 3 consecutive league championships. Tom was also a part of the Riverside University High School varsity football coaching staff made it to the state semi-finals, a feat not done by a City Conference school since 1986.

Though even with having a full-time job as a teacher, Tom always had second professional love and that has been in marketing. "Technology has always inspired me and i t is with that passion that I got my Masterís in Technology. I started my own web business in 2007, and it has been successful, but at the core of that business is marketing and design. I wanted more.  I wanted to create and sell my own products."

Tom hopes that this product helps teachers in classroom not just across the United States, but around the world be able to utilize the new world of mobile technology in the classroom and improve their every day practices in the classroom.

Robert Plopeanu

 Robert has been developing with Flash for the last 6 years. Robert has worked with a number of top companies around the world developing everything from websites to online promotional materials. Robert is experienced in creating both apps for Droid and iOS systems.